Real Estate Law

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  • Commercial & Residential transactions
    Representation during the negotiations and sales process for commercial and residential properties.
  • Leases
    Representation of commercial and residential landlords during the leasing process.
  • Title Defects
    Help identifying and resolving title defects to enable you to sell or rehab your property.
  • Deeds
    Drafting, reviewing, and resolving deficiencies in prior improperly-drafted deeds to enable smooth transfer of property.
  • Land Use & Zoning
    Assistance in navigating local zoning ordinances, understanding and creating easements, and representation before zoning hearing boards.
  • Quiet Title Litigation
    Representation in court actions involving disputed title to property.
  • Tax Sales
    Assistance with navigating the tax sale process, acquiring a property with back taxes, and protecting your interests once the sale is complete.
  • Litigation
    Representation in court for most real estate issues, including partition actions, boundary disputes, etc.

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