Construction Law

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  • Contracts
    Assistance in understanding standard AIA agreements, drafting custom construction agreements, subcontract agreements, homeowner agreements, independent contractor agreements, change orders, etc.
  • Insurance
    Review and advice regarding insurance contracts, terms, and policy documents; Representation during insurance disputes. Understanding what is and is not covered in your insurance policy is critical to protecting your contracting business!
  • Land Use
    Protection of your interests in planning, preparing, and developing land for future use.
  • Contractor/Subcontractor
    Representation in managing contractor/subcontractor relationships, contracts, payment obligations, etc.
    Contractor representation in defending claims brought under Pennsylvania’s Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act, 73 P.S. § 517.1 et seq.
  • Mechanics’ Liens
    Assistance in enforcing contractor rights for unpaid work.
  • Construction Litigation
    Representation throughout various types of construction disputes including contract, insurance, liability, indemnity, and construction defect.

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