06/18/2020 01:21 PM

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First, a confession:  I've never done a blog before.  Blogging's never been my thing.  So it's not going to be perfect, and it might not even be pretty.  

But I promise - stick around and read a few posts, and I'll do my absolute best to dish out information you can use in your business. 

So here's where we are now:  It's the middle of June 2020.  Feels like it's been a few years, but in reality, it's been almost exactly 3 months since the world around us shut down, literally changing life as we know it.  I'm not running through a list of changes -- if you weren't living under a rock for the last 3 months (even though that's probably a bad analogy now), you know exactly what I"m talking about.  

It started out with this hopeful, optimistic vibe, which took a sharp left somewhere around Mothers' Day.   People are angry...and frustrated.... and fu$king scared.   We're also seeing some of the good in the world, but that will be for a social media post (shameless plug if you don't follow our Facebook or Instagram already -- use the sidebar to do that!)   But as we "go green" -- and I'll be happy never to hear that phrase ever, ever again -- we're starting to see some of the fallout, and I don't expect that will end anytime soon.   Know what else we're seeing?  A boatload of new lawsuits.  

Let me tell you a thing about lawsuits -- they. suck.  They suck for the plaintiff.  Suck for the defendant.  Suck for the families of both.  At least that's been my experience.    I spent years defending businesses in lawsuits that killed them, if they weren't already goners to begin with.  And there's a lot that can be done to stay out of that situation, but the work starts before the situation gets bad.  In fact, it starts at the beginning, when everything is hakuna matata.  

Is it awkward to say "maybe let's just get that in writing?"  Sure it is.  Know what's less awkward?  "My attorney's bugging me about getting this in writing."  See what I did there? 

That's just one quick example.  For a quick blog post.  About a relatively simple business practice.  That could save your ass.  

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We're glad you took a few minutes to browse this post.  

We're glad you've made it this far through pandemic and are looking for ways to protect your business.  

We're glad for the opportunity help.